Valentine’s day by Afrodite C2 Neon,.Aegina

        Helen Chrysohoou is my best friend. We became friends since 6 years at our English School.The first day we met each other at the English School we became best friends.She always help me when I have a problem and she is there when I need her.Helen has got short brown hair, she is tall and slim.Always her style is so beautiful and she is cool.


         At Valentine's day we are going to Italy with a plane.First we are going shopping and after are going to eat pizza at the best pizzaria in the town.After that, we are going to the best hotel and we will have a pyjama party. We are going to eat lot of sweets and the best dish of the day. We will play a lot of board games and video games.Finally we are going to do a Tik Tok video for our profiles.


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