My dream day…….My best friend


I'd like to spend y Valentines day with my best friend George.

He is a very good person.He is funny and he likes doing pranks.

And this is why we are the same…..

I like him  because exept the fact that he is funny, when I have 

a problem he is always giving me advises to solve it and he helps too.

Also we are telling our secrets to each other. We play lots of board games and we 

always have fun. And when I am sad he makes my mood.

For our Valentines day, I'm planing to to coffe island, take a milkshake,

and go for a walk at 5.00 pm and talk as always.This plan is if the weather 

is good and outside is hot. If the weather is bad and autside is freezing like these days 

We're going to a cafe, buy a hot chocolate and chat inside there.Then he will come to my house at 7.00

pm and we are having a sleep over!!This Friday will be the best of my hole life!!



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Maria M.

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