Valentine’s day by Stelios c1 NEON,Aegina

In my valentine day, I want to spent with Johnny Depp.

He born in Onsboro, live in Los Angeles on American.

He was actor and played in five movies:The

Curse of the black pearl, Dead man's chest, At world's end, 

On strager tides and Dead men tell no tales.


I like that person, because is the primitive of this movies,

The captain Jack Sparrow.He was very crazy,

the movies is very good and was very funny.  He was very

good in the battles and I like his thought.


I going to see the backstages of the movies,

to see the custome of the Jack Sparrow,

to drink cafe and I like to do questions for 

the movies and his life.

Johnny Depp 2, 2011.jpgJack Sparrow In Pirates of the Caribbean- At World's End.JPG

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