Valentines Day


My Valentine’s dream

Well, i think all the girls in my age want to date a handsome boy/girl (idk their sexuality).

But im here for the people who prefer to have a date with a fictional 2D character,,,,,

Weebs Happy Valentine's day <3

We all know we have very very high standars, because we actually already found our perfect date in an anime we love and guess what our perfect date DOES NOT EXIST HERE. I know it hurts and now here we are after tried tofind our anime date in reality. Wanna know if i found him?

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OFC NO,srsly you know how hard is to find a 22 years old guy with orange/red hair with blue eyes with win problems and 1,60????  

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I will die alone




My Valentine’s day

For this years Valentine,

I'll spend my day with my brother

We will exchange gifts and play video

games together! We will also bake

cookies and talk with each other.

I really hope we will get the time to watch

movies together as well!



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Valentine’s Day

I think love should be expressed every day not only on Valntine's. In my opinion, this is just a day the world has decided that people should express love and find their Valentine. This is just an ordinary day and I believe it is foolish. Love is love and it has not a specific time to indicate it.

Most girls dream is to find a valentine but mine is very diferent. My dream about this day is to be with my best friend because i know that she wont hurt me like a boy maybe do

Neon Aegina c1

My dream date by Panagiotis Gennitsaris

My dream date is my friend Dermatas.Dermatas, is a very good person.He is my best friend.He likes playing video games.Every Friday, he comes to my house to play with me.We are playing together video games.We are friends since 9 years.He is a very good friend.I like him because we agree at everything and he helps me at anything.I am going to bring with me a present for him.It will be a big chocolate.We are planning to go to a restaurant call vatzoulia at 7 o'clock.It is so nice there!!I love this restaurant!Then, we are planning to go to am relaxing walk throught the sea and talk about us.

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Valentine’s day by Stelios c1 NEON,Aegina

In my valentine day, I want to spent with Johnny Depp.

He born in Onsboro, live in Los Angeles on American.

He was actor and played in five movies:The

Curse of the black pearl, Dead man's chest, At world's end, 

On strager tides and Dead men tell no tales.


I like that person, because is the primitive of this movies,

The captain Jack Sparrow.He was very crazy,

the movies is very good and was very funny.  He was very

good in the battles and I like his thought.


I going to see the backstages of the movies,

to see the custome of the Jack Sparrow,

to drink cafe and I like to do questions for 

the movies and his life.

Johnny Depp 2, 2011.jpgJack Sparrow In Pirates of the Caribbean- At World's End.JPG

My dream day…….My best friend


I'd like to spend y Valentines day with my best friend George.

He is a very good person.He is funny and he likes doing pranks.

And this is why we are the same…..

I like him  because exept the fact that he is funny, when I have 

a problem he is always giving me advises to solve it and he helps too.

Also we are telling our secrets to each other. We play lots of board games and we 

always have fun. And when I am sad he makes my mood.

For our Valentines day, I'm planing to to coffe island, take a milkshake,

and go for a walk at 5.00 pm and talk as always.This plan is if the weather 

is good and outside is hot. If the weather is bad and autside is freezing like these days 

We're going to a cafe, buy a hot chocolate and chat inside there.Then he will come to my house at 7.00

pm and we are having a sleep over!!This Friday will be the best of my hole life!!



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Maria M.

My Dream Date……by Helen C2, Aegina,Neon

Afroditi Gjabri is my best friend. We became friends when we had the same English lesson. 

She always helps me  when I need help and we talk about our problems.

  Afroditi has long, blond hair and she is so attractive. I love listening to her funny

stories. She faces the unplaesant  events with cleverness. She is so cool!!

     For our date, we would  go to France because we want to visit Disneyland. We talk all the

time about this…. When we are arrive to France we are going to the hotel to rest

for one hour. At night, we are playing all the games. We are eating Paris sweets like macarons and 

Paris Brest. I am sure we will have a great time.!!

        Helen Chrysochoou C2 

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My dream date by Spyros NEON Aegina

 I would like to spend Vallentine's day with Daniel Radcliffe. He is the actor that played Harry Potter in the movie series with the same name.He also played a villain in "Now you see me 2"

We'll eat a big english breakfast and go on a long walk where we'll be talking mostly about acting and his expereince

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My Dream Date by Nektarios Giannoulis C1 Aegina


My Dream Date by Nektarios Giannoulis C1



I want to spend my valentine's day with Matt Smith. He is an English actor. He has played on the series, Doctor Who. I want spend the day with him because I think that we will have very fun!!

Image result for doctor who Image result for doctor who tardis    THIS IS THE TARDIS. THE TARDIS IS A TIME MACHINE IN A PUBLIC CALL BOX.IF YOU SEE IT YOU WILL THINK THAT IT IS VERY SMALL BUT INSIDE IT HAS THE SIZE OF 20 HOUSES IT HAS A LOT OF ROOMS LIKE THAT Image result for classic doctor who tardis inside



Also I want to spend my valentine's day with Daniel Radcliffe. He is Harry Potter in the Harry potter Movies.Harry Potter is my favourite movie and I think that he is a very good actor.I have watch all the movies there are 8 but also and the books there are 7.I can't  stop reading or watch Harry potter so I have download the movies in my laptop with Greek subtitles and watch them all the time and I have bought Harry poter the game for my ps4!!!

Image result for Harry poter  

Image result for Harry poter all the books   He is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My dream date! By Olga Stavropoulou C2 NEON Aegina.

                                              Μy dream date is HARRY POTTER!

        He is my favourite hero from my books! Harry has got messy black hair but he inherited the impressive green eyes from his mother.

When he was 17 years old he was very tall as his father. Harry has got a distinguishing mark on his forehead from Lord Voldemort.

He likes playing Quidditch and eating sweets too!

        He is my dream date because, when I was smaller, I couldn't reading, so I was watching his movies. My favourite is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! I don't want to meet the actor but I really want to meet the character. I love him!

        For our date, we would like to go to Hogwartch!!! I want to learn a lot of things about Harry and magic! Ww can seet on the big magic dining room, Harry can show me his things…. As his books, room, the magic mirror…

                                                                                                                                 I'm so excited!!!

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Mary Ropaiti C2 NEON, Aegina

     The Valentine's day, I want to spend it with my best friend!                                                        That friend it's very important for me and that's I want to spend that day with her!                        I met her 6 years ago, when I start to go at Primary school.She's very sweet, sensitive and I like very much her humour!  Also I like her, because she is faithful and she doesn't lie! Together,we have a lot of fun every time and we have a good time even in difficult times!

   At Valentine's day I want to do with my best friend, pranks to our biggest friends who want to spent that day with their person!  I hope to laugh very much so we will have a great time:) 

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Valentine’s day by Nancy C2

My dream day is a Hero Fiennes Tiffin. He is an English actor and model. He was born in 6th November on 1997. He is 22 years old. He is a very good actor. He is handsome and he has beautiful eyes. For our day I want us to visit England and eat in very expensive restaurants. NANCY B. C2

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Valentine’s day by Afrodite C2 Neon,.Aegina

        Helen Chrysohoou is my best friend. We became friends since 6 years at our English School.The first day we met each other at the English School we became best friends.She always help me when I have a problem and she is there when I need her.Helen has got short brown hair, she is tall and slim.Always her style is so beautiful and she is cool.


         At Valentine's day we are going to Italy with a plane.First we are going shopping and after are going to eat pizza at the best pizzaria in the town.After that, we are going to the best hotel and we will have a pyjama party. We are going to eat lot of sweets and the best dish of the day. We will play a lot of board games and video games.Finally we are going to do a Tik Tok video for our profiles.


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Valentine’s day

Valentine's day


I love Valentine's day because men do cute things and show their love to their girlfriends by buying them teddy bears, chocolates, flowers, cards e.t.c.


They write them poems and songs and make them a surprise for a date or a journey!heartheartheart

you're not just my friend,

you're my love

you're not just my friend,

you're my heart

you're not just my heart

you're my life

you're not just my life

you're my everything